project management

key competencies

Coordination of projects in the technical field of companies (materials management to logistics).

We offer a kind of "mediator"-role without situations of conflict already having happened between the project partners (contract partners) involved while these situations would usually lead to increased project costs (temporal delay, rectifications, contract sanctions etc.). As project managers we ideally work on behalf of both contract partners, still one sided commissioning is also possible.

Project planning of production, bottling and sorting facilities for breweries and soft drink producers

We conduct projects after your requirements for you. We can offer you an extensive range of services - from the call for tender and acceptance of machines and aggregates as well as capacity enlargements to completely new buildings. During your planning phase, we will also gladly help you with concept development and capacity calculations.

  • national and international breweries
  • national and international mineral springs
  • service companies with focus on food industry
  • brewery supply industry
  • engineering offices

Concept development for efficiency enhancement and lasting improvements to company development with focus on "technology".

These concepts are about the development of personnel and shift models while taking into account the technical and financial capacities of the company. Technical capacities for example are the conditions of the bottling plants (production capacity of the aggregates, age etc.). This means that we will not necessarily develop and suggest the theoretically most optimal concepts for implementation, but models very much suited for actual practice which will be in line with the framework conditions of your company.